Volunteer Stories

vince johnson volunteer imageresized“I remember the freedom, achievement & responsibility, I felt when I earned my first real paycheck. In my Dad’s shoe repair shop, not glamorous at all. Jobs For Life was one of the first vehicles I’ve come across that teaches the dignity as well as the achievement one can gain by taking responsibility for preparing themselves for work.” V.J., Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

“I grew up in a home with two loving parents that worked hard to help me get a good education and start in life. Many of the people I work with in Jobs for Life didn’t get that growing up. These men deserve better, and I want to help. Helping is something Christ compels me to do. And it is a blessing to me to work with these guys.” J. K.- Site leader, Champion, Instructor

“Being a Champion(mentor) is an investment in a personal, intimate and spiritual relationship. I was able to witness the transformation of women from brokenness, low self-worth and fear to trusting, confident women healed in love. It showed me I needed to continue to stay in God’s Word and continue to love my brothers and sisters.” C.R- Champion