How it Works

Our network consists of local organizations who have banded together to shine a light on job seekers, to help boost their confidence and give them the skills needed to find a job and be successful in the workplace.

Some of our community partners and site locations include:

We’re continuing to build relationships with community partners and churches across the Metro Richmond area to better serve everyone within our community.

How the Program Works
At JobsRVA, our aim is to provide all people with an opportunity to better their lives and improve their skills in the workplace. We work with underemployed and unemployed individuals, immigrant and refugee communities, veterans, and more. Your history, your background, your experiences – it doesn’t matter where you come from. What matters is that you’re committed to yourself and you’re willing to learn and grow.

This free program is run through our network of community sites that lead the regular sessions over the course of a few months. During the program, students learn foundational skills; and volunteer mentors help boost their confidence and self-esteem by doing mock interviews and working on resumes and job applications.

Our classroom doors are also open to business leaders and other community partners who serve as guest speakers, covering everything from what they’re looking for when they hire a new employee to balancing a home budget.

Watch this CBS6 segment to learn more about how our sites work with people in the community.

JobsRVA on CBS6