About JobsRVA

A partnership of several nonprofits and churches have led to the creation of a new initiative in Richmond, Virginia called Jobs RVA!  STEP, Into The Neighborhood, Boaz and Ruth, Saving Our Youth, and Northside Outreach Center along with Spring Run Presbyterian Church, Third Church, Life Transformation Church, and more have gathered together to implement a strategy to engage the Church of Metro Richmond in equipping our neighbors to obtain, retain and thrive in a job.  This is being done through an established biblically based job preparation curriculum called Jobs for Life.

Classes are currently being held with people from Gilpin Court, Highland Park, the Richmond City Justice Center, the Veteran’s Hospital and more! We are looking to expand this effort across the Richmond area in partnership with the Jobs for Life Headquarters in Raleigh, NC.

We are please to announce…

In 2017, eight sites graduated a total of 101 Graduates and
68% are Employed (excluding those incarcerated)!!!
Praise God!

Into The Neighborhood started a Jobs for Life site in the Richmond City Justice Center (RCJC) in the fall of 2015.  We are grateful to the Jobs RVA team and their support in starting and maintaining Jobs for Life site in the RCJC. We share best practices and resources, learning from one another.  To God be the Glory! Great things He is doing!  Thanks, Jobs RVA!!

Marti Williams, Executive Director of Into The Neighborhood

Richmond City Justice Center

Jobs for Life (JfL) has been a central component of our church since 2016. Third Church has reached out to the community to help individuals become more stable. We’ve realized employment is a great part of helping people in the community. We desire Third Church to be more reflective of the actual community where we live and worship. A high percentage of the students in the JfL classes are from other countries. The Jobs for Life training has helped us advance our desire to connect with other communities. We now partner with the Christian -Arabic church and we’re more involved with others.
Jobs for Life is an investment. It’s a discipleship ministry. You communicate deeply with others through the materials and help people understand God and work. Work is a part of God’s plan to engage lives. At every JfL class we have a shared experience of life and are reminded of God’s purpose, connections, values and attitudes. It’s very important to Third Church and we’re happy to be a part of this great job ministry!
Ed Satterfield, Executive Pastor Third Church

Third Church – Henrico County